Customer Commitment

The four cornerstones of Iridian’s commitment to its customers are: Quality, Service, Technology and Partnership. This is the foundation of every dielectric optical filter and thin film coating that we develop thereby contributing to our customers’ success.

Since 1998, Iridian has established a reputation as a quality supplier of leading-edge thin film optical filters and coatings.  With highly trained staff and filter design and process automation software we ensure that each filter process stage—from design to shipment—is performed to the highest standards of quality.

Iridian employs a rigorous system of performance testing, visual inspections, quality assurance and associated documentation to ensure each optical filter meets the highest expectations. The company has been accorded Telcordia qualifications (GR)-1221-CORE and (GR)-1209-CORE which are internationally recognized third party validations of reliability.

Iridian’s sales personnel and applications engineers work closely with our customers throughout the process—from the early filter specification stage to final shipping.  We are readily available to answer customers’ questions and concerns throughout the process.  Iridian strives to be competitive in our filter delivery times.

With significant investment in automation, Iridian’s manufacturing has been fully automated and streamlined for the production of even the most complex thin film optical filters.  Automation serves to keep costs low. Two technologies give Iridian a unique edge in the manufacture of thin film optical components:

In addition, our fully equipped optical characterization labs, with swept laser instrumentation, EDFA sources, optical spectrum analyzers, oblique angle measurement equipment, polarization controllers, and more, allow us to make accurate transmittance and reflectance measurements to ensure that the filters shipped to customers meet their full expectations.  In addition, Iridian has fully automated visual inspection equipment and dicing and coring facilities.

Iridian works in close partnership with our customers in a collaborative environment to ensure our products will meet market needs. We believe that working closely with customers results in more efficient and cost-effective thin film optical solutions for today and for the next generation of products.