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Transportation operators, such as pilots or train conductors and law enforcement personnel often come under attack by commonly available laser pointers. The glare associated with these attacks can cause dangerous distraction or, in some instances, temporary blindness. A report by the FAA estimates the number of incidents in 2016 will be 8681. More than 94% of strikes came from green (532 nm) lasers in 2014.

Leveraging our industry-leading optical coating technologies Iridian Spectral Technologies has recently introduced Laser Reflection Glasses, LaseReflect, to address these needs. Our multi-layer dielectric thin-film solutions provide high transmittance with deep, narrow blocking to maximize laser reflection while minimizing the impact on light levels and colour discrimination for the remainder of the visible spectral region.

These glasses are designed to provide high transmission between the reflected bands, including in the NIR which allows use in low-light conditions and can be compatible with night-vision systems. The 1064nm (NIR) blocking provides protection from the high power 1064nm light emitted from green lasers that have been designed without a NIR filter (common in cheap, readily available laser pointers). This invisible 1064nm laser wavelength can be hazardous to vision if an operator is exposed.

Green + NIR LaseReflect glasses from Iridian reflect:

  • Green blocking (532 nm)
  • Near-IR blocking (1064 nm)
  • Reflection >99% (0° to 20° field of view)
  • UVA and UVB blocking
  • Transmittance average > 70%
  • High quality glass lenses for highest optical clarity
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